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We are now officially open for business!

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update

Now accepting online bookings for Live Escapes completed online and Virtual

As an answer to all the COVID restrictions, My Greatest Escape has partnered with GEO Hunts to bring you a live, outdoor, COVID friendly, city excursion, through the streets of Ventura, CA and Cedar Rapids, IA. Now, you and your family can play a geographically escape in the comfort of your car. Solve the puzzles, find the locations, complete the tasks. To learn more, visit our GEO Hunts page under rooms, or visit to book your room. 

We are Ventura County's first Challenge Room to also have Virtual Reality!

How it works

We are changing the way you play

We converted our escape rooms to Challenge Rooms, where it's not about escaping a room - it's about solving a series of complex puzzles, challenging every aspect of your intellect in order to complete your mission (no physical activities required).

The Clock Is Ticking…

You have 60 minutes in order to solve the room. We recommend you show up 15 minutes early to ensure enough time to provide you with the back story along with some other entertaining information.

Feel The Atmosphere

Our Challenge Rooms are theatrically based; making you part of the actual story. They are extremely challenging with over 25 puzzles to solve. Many of the puzzles are unique and won't be found in other escape rooms.

So what makes us unique?

So what makes My Greatest Escape so unique? Many of the puzzles in our rooms were created and built by us. We are also located inside a magic shop, so not only do you get a great escape experience, but you may also get treated to an amazing magic trick.

My Greatest Escape is also part of a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization called The House of MAGIC Foundation for the Arts. When you book your escape room in Santa Paula, Ventura, Simi Valley, Oxnard, Camarillo, or other cities throughout Ventura County, you are supporting the arts. All proceeds raised go towards the various programs we have to offer. In addition, we are the first in Ventura County to not only provide live escapes but Virtual Reality “VR” escape rooms as well.


It was a great experience and everyone should try this out at least one time. Difficult puzzles and it got intense towards the end.
Had a great time doing this room!!!! So well put together and the family friendly atmosphere is amazing. Worth the drive for us and I’m glad we had our thinking caps on (lol).
By far 5+ stars. The best escape room I have tried so far. The magic performances before starting our escape room were incredible. Top-noch Magicians. Very friendly and affordable. Would go again.
We just did the Houdini room and loved it. Well done theme, clever puzzles and very nice staff. Also loved the bonus magic tricks at the end. We have done several escape rooms before and really like this one.

Who Should Play

  • Family & Friends
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Celebrations
  • Anyone Looking for Fun

The House of MAGIC Foundation for the Arts is a 501(c) Charitable Organization that is focused on the family and the arts. We developed these escape rooms in order to provide our community with a safe, family-friendly environment, for people to enjoy. All the money raised from these rooms help support our foundation. As you will see from our reviews, we work really hard to make this an experience that everyone will truly enjoy. We feel tremendously satisfied we people leave our facility laughing and smiling. When you walk through our door you are part of our family and we are happy to serve you.

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We've modified our rates

In order to accommodate our new method of booking as a result of COVID-19, we have modified our rooms to a single room rate. During the weekdays, our rate will be $99...

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How to find us – It’s a little tricky…

We are in an industrial complex, which can make it a little difficult to find. We are located in the Westgate Property Complex. Although our address is W. Telegraph, you actually need to turn down Beckwith in order to get to our building, which is building B. Once you turn down Beckwith, our parking lot is the second left-hand entrance. If you take the first left-hand turn, you will be on the backside of our unit. Good luck… If you find us, you will have completed have the escape!

Time Slots Available

No Drop-ins Available

Virtual Reality is CLOSED until further notice.

Until further notice.

Hours of Operation


Monday & Tuesday:
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:
10AM, 1PM, 4PM, 7PM
10AM, 1PM, 4PM

Mission Impossible

Monday & Tuesday:
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:
11:30AM, 2:30PM, 5:30PM
11:30AM, 2:30PM

Are You Ready to Accept the Challenge?

If so, we are ready to serve you and your party. We have so many exciting things to offer, between our live escapes, virtual reality, live shows, and magic; we guarantee a day of fun to remember. So, if you are up to the challenge, simply click the link below to reserve your room today. Be sure to let us know if this is for a special occasion, so we can help you celebrate in style.

We also offer party packages that include a magic show or close-up show, along with snacks, games, and amazing escapes. Give us a call if you would like to learn more.

So, are you ready to accept the challenge?