WhoDoneIt? hits a home run!

Our new WhoDoneIt? room is scoring big with all of our escapees. During our first week of escapes, the overall consensus has been that the room is absolutely amazing and it is even better than the Houdini room. The first room is extremely challenging and then when you get into the second room, your adrenaline is flowing in order to solve the crime. One family stated, “We have done a lot of escape rooms, and even those we didn’t escape, we never went back to finish. This one, we are definitely coming back. It was incredibly exciting and we want to solve the murder.”

We put a lot of pride in our rooms and our number one goal is to give our customers the best possible experience we can. We want you to feel part of the story as it unfolds in the room. Plus, where else can you go and get an awesome magic trick demonstrated while you wait… Can you solve the myster?

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